Meryl Streep words in line with what George Michael predicted (videos)

Meryl Streep shook everyone during the Golden Globes, when she spoke about Donald Trump and the abuse of power by unscrupulous leaders, referencing the example of when the president-elect of the United States openly mocked a disabled reporter.

Her words echoed throughout the USA as the country prepares to enter the Trump presidency amidst a number of problems, in the relations with China and Russia, fighting a war by proxy against ISIS and seeking a faster recovery and bigger growth for the US economy than experienced under the presidency of Barack Obama.

Her speech reminded us of another brave celebrity that passed away this Christmas and whose absence as an artist and a brave, outspoken personality will be sorely felt. George Michael opposed the British involvement in the Iraq War back in 2003, when the USA under the leadership of George W. Bush decided to intervene unilateraly to depose Saddam Hussein “pre-emptively”.

George Michael openly opposed Tony Blair and his policies on the Iraq war and was villified by the Media back then. As we can see during his interview on BBC’s “Hard Talk” show, he correctly predicted that these actions would lead to never ending violence, echoing what Meryl Streep said about how “violence incites violence”. It’s also worth mentioning that for the BBC “Hard Talk” show it is unusual to invite artists, such as George Michael, but the reactions to his political stance against the war in Iraq was headline news for several months.  

He also talked on the dangers of the “pre-emptive” strikes philosophy and he expressed his opinion that it would be completely wrong for a “Christian nation and a Christian leader” to support that this is ethically right. He added that it is very scary for a leader to have this kind of prerogative and set this kind of precedence against fundamentalist muslims that are trying to turn everything into a religious war, when it is clearly about power in the Middle East region and eventually on a global stage. He talked about the issue that today – after the election of Donald Trump and the rise of fundamentalism everywhere – troubles everyone, more than 10 years ago and he was spot on. 

Watch the entire moving speech by Meryl Streep on the Golden Globes ceremony:

Watch the entire “Hard Talk” interview of George Michael on BBC :