Coronavirus: How can any antibody test help you

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Antibodies are specific proteins produced by the immune system (B cells) in response to  foreign substances (such as bacteria and viruses) invading the body. Each antibody is different and designed to attack a specific antigen.

Antigens are the substances foreign to the body, given off by bacteria or viruses, that trigger the response of the immune system and bind to the antibodies.

If you test positive for coronavirus antibodies, it means that you have already had the decease and, according to specialists, you now have some form of immunity to it since you body now recognizes the virus and has the weapons to fight it off. Antibody testing is one of the options now considered so that people who test positive can leave the lockdown early and return to their routines. The immunity period though has not yet been defined.

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Antigens appear in the bloodstream much sooner than antibodies. So, whereas a positive antibody test can tell you that you have already had the decease and recovered, a positive antigen test can confirm a current infection even if the host is asymptomatic. Mass antigen testing could potentially reveal the true scale of the pandemic.

Antibody test though are the answer to making sure you can get back to normal life and be provided an immunity certificate which will be the solution to limiting lockdown and getting back to normality.

Find out quickly and efficiently if you have been infected with Coronavirus

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