Coronavirus Testing: why and how you can tested

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Testing can be performed for two different reasons:

– to diagnose who currently has the virus

– to detect who has had it and recovered

This information can be extremely valuable in helping health services plan for extra demand, including on intensive care units.

It can also affect decisions around social distancing measures and lockdowns. If large numbers of people were found to have already been infected and have therefore developed some type of immunity to the virus, then a lockdown might become less necessary.

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An antibody test is used to see whether someone has already had the virus. A drop of blood on a device, similar to a pregnancy test, is used to detect antibodies of the virus in the bloodstream and therefore confirm immunity.

An antigen test is used to confirm if someone has a current infection by detecting, in the same manner, the antigens of the virus in the bloodstream. This can help identify asymptomatic carriers and severe the chain of transmission.

The message from W.H.O. (World Health Organisation) is clear. Test, test, test. It’s the only way to beat the Covid-19.

So please test yourselves regularly until an antibody test shows you that you have the antibodies necessary to be immune.

Find out quickly and efficiently if you have been infected with Coronavirus

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