Aspis: Considerable interest for patients suffering from heart decease

Once more, the people of Cyprus have demonstrated their love and selfless interest for their fellowman. Scores of people responded and took part in the Charity Afternoon Tea which was organised on Wednesday, June 4th 2008 by the Nicosia Association of Patients with Heart Decease at the residence of Mr. and Mrs Lambrou Christofi, Managing Director of Aspis Holdings Plc.

Mrs Joanna Christofi cordially welcomed the guests with exquisite delicasies and cool shampagne under the sounds of soft music.

Later, Mr. Kikis Hannides, Pesident of the Nicosia Association of Patients with Heart Decease, explained the goals and objectives of the Association not failing to thank all those who contributed to the organizing of the event. Subsequently, the Medical Director of Nicosia General Hospital, Mr. Evagoras Nikolaides, presented a lecture titled “Excerice and Heart Deceases“.

The Charity Tea was placed under the auspices of Mrs Elsi Christofia, wife of the President of the Republic, whose presence underlines her interest for patients with heart decease. Mrs Maro Psomiades, wife of the  President of ΑΣΠΙΣ Group, willingly travelled from Greece to attend the event and to honour with her presence the Nicosia Association of Patients with Heart Decease.