Comment/ Opinion: Solution or Dissolution for Cyprus

A thought-of-the-day article by Andreas C Chrysafis*

EURO-CYPRUS it’s facing one of the most critical periods in its turbulent political history. If the Chrystodoulides’ plan succeeds and the EU sends a EU representative (like the UN) to “try and resolve” the Cyprus issue, the Republic of Cyprus for sure would be abolished and replaced by some kind of a psudo-federation based on a two state solution – Turkish North and Greek South! Divide and Rule!

Instead of introducing a strong defensive policy and make it clear to EU and Turkey that negotiations can only start if and when Turkey recognizes the Republic of Cyprus; removes its troops from the island and opens its ports to all Cypriot vessels—as a significant gesture of good-will— then there maybe a sliver of hope and good reason to start negotiations. If not, why even bother and become ensnared to make further concessions?

It would be madness to shake hands with a cunning master of deceipt on the presumption that Sultan-Erdogan will honour an agreement if the above conditions are not secured prior to any negotiations! Many have shaken hands with Turkey to realize later that a couple of their fingers were missing! With the current mentality, Cyprus would probably lose an arm!

On reading public statements, it seems as if the EU has convinced the Europhile Chrystodoulides’ government not to use Cyprus’s Veto to block Turkey’s EU application. The result of this political new trap means that the government has decided to adopt a defeatist policy: a policy that has failed for the past 49 years! Will it work this time around?

Only time will tell but the signs don’t look promising to reunite and save the Republic of Cyprus.