Lambros Christofi sues Lefteris Milos following the infamous case of 2011

Lambros Christofi filed a lawsuit against Lefteris Milos and his lawyer who was became a Minister at the time that mysteriously the Police decided to implicate the name of Lambros Christofi. It seems he was involved in unjustly implicating the well-known businessman in a dragged-out and damaging court case due to his political clout.

In the case of the Republic against businessman Mr. Lambros Christofi and his associate Mr. George Constantinou, the police rushed to investigate a well-known businessman for fraud and theft relating to a 2009 real estate deal in Romania without obtaining first all the facts.

On May 28th, 2012, the Permanent Criminal Court of Nicosia, following instructions from the Attorney General, exempted Mr. Lambros Christofi and Mr. George Constantinou from all charges and the case against them was dropped.

The case, which was an obvious case of a common civil-court dispute between Advantage Capital Holdings, a publicly traded company, and Mr. Lefteris Milos who is involved in real estate sales in Romania entangled Mr. Christofi, who had resigned from CEO of Advantage in September 2008, in a transaction that took place at the end of 2009 despite the glaringly obvious lack of evidence.

Mr. Christofi and his group of companies, who suffered significant losses during the whole fiasco, claim damages in excess of €86 million.