Nikodea Media Group brings to Cyprus the first Cypriot editions of international magazines

Nikodea Group announced the circulation of the first Cypriot editions of internationally well-known magazines such as Esquire, InStyle, People and Fortune.

Esquire, InStyle and Fortune magazines will circulate on a monthly basis while, People magazine on a weekly basis.

The famous magazines have been in circulation for decades in various countries and their collective readers amount to hundreds of millions.

Nikodea Media Group, a member of Christofi Group, is moving towards the realization of the vision of the Group’s founder, well-known businessman Lambros Christofi, to expand operations and cover the entire media scope.

In early 2014, Christofi Group announced the acquisition of Nikodea Co Ltd, the holding company of the independent online media group with the same name. Nikodea is the first independently – operated online media network in Cyprus, owner of several news and lifestyle websites.

Following the success of its online media operations, Nikodea Group expanded its operations and entered the media publishing market with the publishing of the “24” newspaper, a local weekly newspaper, with focus on investigating, reporting and with a fresh and modern publication, creative approach.